Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Container [docker] <----> Host <----VPN--->cloudThingy

I restarted my HITB (Hack In The  Box) tutorage , they are pretty good , check them out for offensive labs (they have about 20 free ones) and give you best scenario in my opinion for a free lab to test and practise your skills (this post will be short)

Enter scenario 1: use my bulky alienware to bed (too tideous, battrey life isnt what it was , and that thing burns with the heat of a thousand suns

Enter scenario 2: use my trusty macbook air 11" (its a mac and porting most security tools is too much work)

Enter scenario 3: use my macbook with docker ... easy :) no?
first problem after installing the docker image , cant reach HITB boxes (they require a vpn) DARN!!

solution :) enter this is a very easy tool to use and create a vpn profile running on your container :)....command is simple download the two files on the github link below and put them in the same dir as your ovpn config


Let Me Containerize That VPN For You

docker-compose run vpn YOURVPNCONFIG.ovpn


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