Monday, April 4, 2016

Typhon OS

Typhon OS is an operating system rebuilt from the popular debian distro Ubuntu, it contains several tools for penetration testing specifically SIGINT this tools can be used for the following:

GSM research/security/penetration testing > this includes anything using GSM as a module of communication e.g Mobile Phones/ Mobile Networks/ GSM Modems / ATMs and other IOT
Satellite Communication/ Security/ Research
Radio (as long as you have the right SDR, multiple tools on typhonOS exist to allow use of the SDRs, such as BladeRF, HackRF, OsmocomBB, RTL-SDR etc) radio examples include AM/FM radio, Police Radio/Walkie Talkies etc.

TyphonOS is not the most graphical OS created as most of the applications are not GUI oriented, however, most tools have been documented on Google and I find no reason to reinvent the wheel with information, I will however point paths to the tools.

Depending on your OS version 1&2 (currently exist)

/RF or /typhon would be the location to all tools installed

In this folders you will find the all the tools necessary.
On live environments, the default username would either be syn and password typhon, or vx and password vx , depending on the version you have.

Using the OS on a VM would require a tier 1 VM , such as VMware family: player,fusion, workstation as they integrate best with the USB-Serial connections.

find TyphonOS here or alternative link

Have fun, for educational purposes only.


J0k3rr said...

i got to say i stumbled across your blog via google search and my god it is the most interesting blog iv ever come across! thank you for taking the time to write this up and share it. Iv been interested in the SS7 hack as i was a victim of one someone had attached my phone i got an sms from facebook with a security code and long behold they got into my facebook account. just when we thought it was safe and implemented 2 factor authentication it turned against us, your blog deff got me more into infosec... by the way i love chess also im usually on maybe someday id get lucky enough to play with you. thank you again for sharing your awesome research!

nyoike thuo said...

hi @J0k3rr thank you for the read :) i am on too as 0x7678, lets arrange for a game my friend.

Laura Tich said...

I love your blog, Jade. Very educative

YaBa said...

Awesome project! However, how does one install on a non-Dell machine?

funkouch said...

Hi i install it, when i tried to test the openbts apps i got this problem

ALERT 3074254592 11:20:55.3 TRXManager.cpp:434:powerOff: POWEROFF failed with status -1
EMERG 3073674048 11:20:55.4 OpenBTS.cpp:156:startTransceiver: Transceiver quit with status 256. Exiting.

any help?


Shadrack Kube said...

This is my number 1 blog always.... really educates me

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