Monday, March 28, 2016


It has been quite a while since I updated this blog, however, much has been done during the last two years, I have :

Worked on a few projects :

Typhon: a Linux Operating System based on Ubuntu, with several SIGINT tools
The German AutoMobile Hack: Took time to consult for a very good company which has now taken me in as one of their own, We did a thorough PenTest of an AutoMobile hence securing it.
The MNO invite: Met up with one of the leading MNOs in Kenya and gave them directives on how to better their security on Mobile Money.
The 'Secure' Mobile Phone Tested: Took time to research on the vulnerabilities of the mobile phone known to be one of the most secure (and expensive) the CryptoPhone.
Testing and Developing for the Cellular Privacy Project: Tested and developed for the Cellular Privacy Project an android based BaseBand FireWall (aka AIMSICD)
Developing FrameWorks for iOS(private contractor)
Testing and Developing on the BRCK: Testing the security loopholes on the BRCK and more so, developing applications for it.

Currently adding more technologies on my mind bank and learning even more, I have been a little bit silent however not without reason , I feel I had given this blog so much to not restart it without a few mentions of what I have been up to also travelling and learning a little about myself, which is an R&R by itself.

I shall be updating the blog in a few days if not hours, In all this, I hope to maintain the flow over a longer period of time, Kind Regards.


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