Friday, February 27, 2015

SIM CARDS >> They are really Tiny Micro-Computers (computers *insert Grin*)

So :), like most of you know so far, GSM phones use SIM cards that is Subscriber Identity Module Cards, this are used by the operator to create a distinction of users (sort of like a user profile holder) they also communicate to the phone via the baseband via the network (ok not necessarily in that order everytime) but something like that.

Now, SIM cards :)

Microchips that have RAM, Processors, ROM (EPROM) and an OS at that :) , (I know so cool)
So, Structures of a SIM Card (Application Wise)

(Hardware Wise)

So this, this is a tutorial to SIM card (Java Card) applications, Java Card Programming and JavaCard Security

so um, I think so far i have narrowed down the topics we about to cover.

  • How to program SIM cards
  • JavaCard setup
  • Tutorials

  • finding Vulnerabilities in SIM cards
  • creating a SIM card level malware/virus
  • Uploading/installing on SIM cards (i wanna show you how to do that remotely)

  • C&C to control the malware
  • Botnets of SIM cards (Xtian the geek will love this)
  • Causing mayhem (ahoy mr, should I really tell ok, Stealing from M-banking applications , spoofing, DOS, MITM (calls and data) 

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