Wednesday, June 4, 2014


I always go into hiding when things are in a knot... currently i have had some good news....

a new gsm hacking tool by VX is out... VX has been on this path for a while trying to come up with a good remedy to sort* all the newbies and experts in the gsm field (read RF)

what it do :) .....

So on a basic stand off in the field of hacking(read pen-test and vulnerability assessments) alot of the procedure goes like...

well you get the picture... so what we will do is debug entire scenarios of GSM in the same format...

  • we do recon of the area, networks, Base Stations (call them boosters if you like but am not saying its correct) and also rogue base stations (come on you wanna know when someone listening to you right?)
  • Scan the area (now this and step one basically have the same ideology here but other methods can be employed on step one that have a different point of operation from step two)
  • Gain access --- rather gain access to certain channels + frequencies (read ARFCN * (BTS in a very big nutshell))
  • Maintain access ... (this simply means camp(SYNC) to that BTS (ARFCN)  and now isten very well to the SMS/voice/Data .... see we good righ?
  • we add our own step here .... crack the encryption (if any used)
  • Cover tracks (well till now i have yet to find any tracks to be covered so just run when you are done owkaeeey?
So this tool --- TYPHON who should be credited...

alot of people.... lets start with:

The FIRMWARE guys (Osmocombb)
Most of the scripts (BRMLAB)
The Guy who created it all and maintains it (VX)

well then how does it work?

>>  basic explanation .... connect a GSM hardware to your computer to be able to debug the air interface (communication between the BTS and the MS) sort of the hardware acts as an ethernet card to our PC and Software... here comes in OsmocomBB (Open source mobile communications BaseBand) this is a stack running on your calypso based device (support for other may be added later on) e.g Motorola C115,118,123 (get all of them here) and interfaces to your laptop, this allows fluid communication and allows studying whats happening in the air interface.

and thats the most basic principle....
with this we can do alot of things as stated above... which the full details will be published as soon as the tool is released. thank you :)

so check the links out and also Follow @taeCode0h on twitter for more info and when he will release the tool.


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