Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A hackers Guide to Mac/MacBooks/Mac OS X

Well I remember when i started this blog i kinda wrote an article that had 'fuck macports' somewhere... am sorry, i take that back>> now lets start:

Mac OS --- Unix like (darwin actually from berkley) see image

 , Closed source (for the most part) ,graphical interface even windows questions in supremacy and no i wont do a h/ware review...
So Mac OS X to be specific...

10.7----> love it totally do....
10.8---->just as above love it...
10.9----> owww what have we here? blot? clang no gcc smh!!!! xcode doesnt help as much so what do we do

newbies.... when you want linux* based binaries on your mac and you think theres no package managers like on debian/ubuntu(apt) fedora/centOS(yum)...

think twice ... theres:

  • HomeBrew (very clean ..but thats it... clean) uses ruby and git to work its package magic and amazingly .... its very easy to re-write and write its rules (ruby ease and power)
  • Fink (so far... not really wanting to call it problem...but it is) this is basically an apt manager honestly it has everything ubuntu/debian packages would do... repositories however have been a bitch to me :(
  • MacPorts (so far... loving it) now this is a package manager... clean, stable... well it lacks a few binaries but hey nothings perfect... cant really complain :) 

but first you need XCode to install this (its pretty huge btw) and it has all developers tools from make to clang(replacing gcc(g++)) [i had to install gcc49 from homebrew to facilitate a better compilation clang sucks]

anyway once you done doing that heres the fun bit... install the necessary tools... for me:

hacking tools:
john the ripper

...tonnes of them ... for me :) i basically have my own set (actually porting TYPHON here) if it works you will know aight

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