Sunday, February 2, 2014

Of ChromeBooks and Hacking (read Pentest)

So, Yes first post this year huh (talk about lazy (lets call it busy for now))

Good year? new girl, same car :) New Partnership, shaved dreads, yes shaved em.... cut some friends and exes, built an empire (ok working on it) hacked a bank (no ... not done that) , hacked a GSM tower (via) stole GSM credentials (of course am not admitting lol)

now since we have an update of my life can i state i totally dig my Chromebook (CR-48) Mario Pony...?

  • after all, it is really light (around 3lb) 
  • battery life 8 hours (yes that long... i actually don't carry my charger to work (thats how much of a bad ass i become))
  • its got an inbuilt CDMA/GSM (if you know what to do to change in between those two)
  • GPS (ok it uses the WWAN modem card)
  • the processor leaves more to the wanting performance as it is still a netbook
  • the SSD does save tonnes in performance though
  • and yes >>> YOU CAN JAILBREAK it ... add tonnes of things and baaaam (Kay knows i say this too much)
  • barely heats up, did i mention its like light > 

Now for the next topic> turning my CR-48 to a development/Security oriented machine (ok too bad i wont be doing Reverse Eng on it waaaait or can we?


  • Jailbreaking/Rooting
  • Mounting as Writable 
  • Force Update
  • Securing it
  • Installing Ubuntu/Debian/Kali/ blah blah blah any Linux on it
  • Installing Linux tools
  • Installing a local development server
  • Installing Security Tools (esp if you did not install Kali linux)

Owww Dedication to my best friend (oww yes hackers do have lives yo) /Masha and an annoying mate /Kay and IDD SALIM GITHINJI - RIP


:) No longer posting, all articles should be treated as archived and outdated