Friday, October 11, 2013

The Struggling Developer [arg:( MY_RANTS)]

Well an inspiration to this post comes from a simple explanation: là fait que --> Been There Done That.

haven't we all? ok from all the conferences, developer rants, side talks,forums (ok face to face) i swear only thing ave heard of is the developer struggles.... now most would say the salary expectancy, lets just say that's away from this picture as employment for IT techies,hackers,coders,developers and copy pasters has never really been an advisable path well from my side of the lawn.

Now i can tell you my stories from developing an excel macro system to websites that i charged 40USD (what.... wipe that look on your face probably higher than you will get ;) ) I kid , really what is the cure for all this SDS Struggling Developer Syndrome , well heres one or two options:

-Learn to Code
Yes , Learn to code, not :
google>copy>paste>run(repeat till module is finished)>package>deploy>sell 
-Learn to be Creative
Best instance .... give me one way you can improve a fully efficient system like lets say MPESA
-Learn to avoid the student apparel
Most common for students, see that torrent site.... in a few years it wont pay for shiet....see that Need For Speed ,trust me it will look better with money in your pocket.
-Learn to grow your experience
Get Projects, on odesk  ,elance wherever gather customer/client relations, coding skills, project management heck even just typing skills

this and many more skills will propel you much further. oww did the struggle stop :) well lets say if this is not the good life, this is the life :)

Back to code
Sawa Wazi


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