Sunday, September 29, 2013

Silence and it's meaning

Well I guess we all agree that I have been rather silent, all in an explanatory mode ... See I am not really a firm believer in superstition but the fact that 13th of Friday this month did not let me do so..... What am I referring to? Well I befell an accident <---- I am so sure that grammar is a mess but hey it's my blog, anyway I accidentally fell from a moving bus and though this might seem rather odd I th ink my best explanation was trying something clearly meant for some one else.

Now am typing this from an iPad and believe you me it's not that much fun all I can say is am thankfully to God I made it out just with a ripped hip torn right arm and fractured right leg, now this is a blessing after all I could have died! Not to seem dramatic but that's not really a good thing.

Anyway the silence is partially coz of that and also on incoming projects I will be glad to share the details once I get clearance ^wink.

As me mentor always said ,

Back to code


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