Saturday, July 6, 2013

My FaceBook has Been Hacked - Retard Theory

Security is not always about breaking in actually its also about protecting, ensuring, reliability and more than just hacks.

When I commit to research ,information security i meet a vast number of people who go from a level of really no clue what security is... to a level of impossible security senario ,what am i talking about? here is a small clue:

Can a Facebook account be hacked?

Ans 1: [Advance Diploma in Computer Engineering Gradate] No , its a lie its impossible

Ans 2: [Zero technical information random person] Yes, actually last week my Facebook account was hacked

now standing of from this two answers here is my two cents ...Yes Facebook accounts can be hacked in numerous ways one of this ways i will show you in clear margins, NO its not impossible to hack Facebook accounts. But Facebook is very secure----> Yes FACEBOOK  .... not you... hardly are you secure....why because we are humans... and we love simplicity and thats why we are hardly secure.

random question, how many different passwords do you have?
let me guess an average of 4

  • your 4 digit password (PIN) ATM pin, mobile code, mobile money transfer code (MPESA)
  • your sign-in password (gmail,ymail,yahoo,msn,twitter,facebook,youtube,scribd)
  • your special password (this comes from sites that manipulate password inputs e.g itunes account use a standard issue of 1 UpperCase letter a, number and 8 minimum characters in your password)
  • then you have your very hard to crack password :)
lets see so if i have your sign-in password i basically have 70% of your passwords .... on a smll scale factor but how do i get it? well though some systems have tried very hard to avoid you being compromised e.g itunes has its password rules such as W4njiru is a valid password and gmail has measures that restrict the dictionary names such as telephone from being used , also reverse names like drowssap for password not many people set different rules from themselves.... 

its hardly *hardcore hacking when your password is reallyhotchick and your username is yes even reallyhotchick1990 is not a password why? because thats your date of birth silly and yes its easy to remember here is a catch wanna get really sturborn when creating your password think crazy... not your fav ANYTHING heck not even your secret think of a phrase eg.
bitchisawyoucreepingwithmyman then manipulate it.... how change everything that looks like a number  to a number :) so it becomes b1tch1s4wy0ucr33p1ngw1thmym4n well thats really hard (duuh thats the point) but ah ah not yet what about adding some more complexity adding characters e.g !*#^*@%$
you can use them as spacing e.g b1tch!1s4w_y0u,cr33p1ngw1th*mym4n? 

and thats a password :) but its long and complex EXACTLY

and for PIN 1992 is not a good thing if your daughter or you were born in 1992 and so is 2991

moving on :

Are you on a shared computer (shared even means your bff---- Yes... LOG THE FUCK OUT)

Remember Password
well if it is my computer i can set it to remember my password.. sure why not exept there are tools that steal passwords on the go e.g the android tool installed on an android phone (yah ok) and connected to you computer via USB downloads* all the available passwords from firefox passwords, windows passwords....e.t.c read about it here

well to protect yourself from things like this

  • Strong login password ---again--- (yes to your computer)
  • Keyring's--- what are they :) google them if not found or helpful ask in the comment box
  • Lock your computer when you leave aight???
  • if possible set permissions to installing software to require a password 
Say what???? you are in a cybercafe ... again and this time you brought your laptop :) no way they can hack me (well maybe not on those machines)... you sip your juice comfortably noticing everyone using the wi-fi (probably open) and hmmmm what do you know, even the matatus(public vehicles) this days have the same tech-savy ingenious wi-fi guess what ... does your facebook url look like so well then.... you my friend are screwed... please go to your settings on facebook and adjust them to use ssl... hence a simple url change will look as such the HTTPS is a more secure encrypted format much safer than HTTP... now Browse away :)

Ohhhhhh RayJs sextape :) i wanna view 
one proverb .... Curiosity killed the Cat.... you wanna die click away read more here

So am i secure yet... well we are getting there but hey maybe the long password is easily forgettable DONT WRITE IT DOWN ANYWHERE .... cram if you cant there keyrings that store passwords and you authenticate with questions or phrases aight :) we will continue later
CIAO dont get hacked

oww :)

GOOD DAY ... and Happy Info-Security


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