Monday, October 14, 2013

Unlocking BlackBerry [arg(For_free)] My Rants:

Well I don't normally do this until a friend (girl obviously) gave me a challenge to unlock her BlackBerry, well until then I never really cared about how the things work after all 1001 sites offer that for  a fee, but why pay while you can do it for free?

well the method should will not be really documented but if you want me to unlock it i do it for free... really am serious no cards, PayPal or M-pesa needed just free BlackBerry Unlock.

So what do I need simply put just write a comment containing the following:


thats an example to flow with

  • Does this work for the Z10/Z30/Q series           (well not for now)
  • Does this work for all networks               (for the once tested yes ...all possible once are tested)
  • How do I get the PRD                          (Remove battery read where it has the following 'PRD')
                                   look at figure below

  • Does this work for if i know MEP                         (Sure provide it as an option to also help)
  • How do I find my MEP         (Tricky but if you have BlackBerry Desktop Manager I can help)
  • What about IMEI                  (just dial *#06#)
Anyway Comment away :)

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