Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Passwords ... Hydra and Crunch have a date with your network .... Sema chipo

A fellow hacker friend complained ... Yes Bright you did, :) about the use of John the Ripper as opposed to crunch while using it with Hydra to brute force, so without much ado here is his opinion in a practical way :) 

You can use a direct pie between Crunch and Hydra, but it tests passwords much slower than it receives. So you have to use "xargs" buffering to adapt the entries in Hydra: 

crunch June 4-f charset.lst mixalpha | xargs-L1 hydra ssh-s 22-vV-l root / tmp / pass-es-t 10-p

The "-L1" xargs that the command (here hydra) is executed for each line received (Crunch, here). ca may take some time because Hydra can not launch multiple attacks at the same time, but by generating passwords on the fly is a problem that you do not cut it

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