Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Browser as an Attack/Pentest Tool

Tools to add to your browser (firefox/mozzilla enabled browsers)

chrome i love but firefox to me tools it better (wareva that means)

This are addons found in the security framework/browser OWASP-Mantra and can come in handy when doing recon/pentest/attack/vuln assessment.|

I add them to my firefox/ice weasel(kali) to add more reinforcement (automation is not necessarily my thing but it gets the work done :)

CIAO have fun

oww here is the link to the collections <Collections> :)

I don not wish to deter from OWASP Mantra ...no no.... i just love the ease i have with this method especially on FreeBSD so if you wanna try OWASP Mantra.... :) have a go at it OWASP Mantra

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