Thursday, June 20, 2013

MySQL and SQL Column Truncation Vulnerabilities

Developers :-) morning.... and hackers (we know u dint sleep so ...sup)

heard of MySQL and SQL Column Truncation Vulnerabilities?...No?

ok so ..... its when a simple misconfiguration happens when developers dont escape data size options in coding e.g
$submitted_data = null;
if (isPswdCorrect($uame, $pswd)) {
$submitted_data = getUserDataByLogin($uname);

this gives us/a hacker chance to create another admin/user with the same privillages as a known user but with a diff password...

that is if i login as :admin x: instead of :admin: it will still work with a diffrent password that i would have created as :admin x: (without the ::)
happy security information :P

P.S video coming up soon....

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